Junior Golf Lessons

(Info & Pricing)

For Juniors who are beginners (never held a golf club) and would just like to make contact… to the more experienced player who just wants more consistency on the range/course… and even the advanced junior golf tournament player who would like to improve in a very specific area of their golf game, the POWER LESSON Golf Academy has a golf lesson solution to help you achieve your individual golf goals in a fun and safe learning environment. Our golf Lesson Plans always include a detailed Summary Video Analysis to help show improvements and help golfers of all levels remember what they should practice after every lesson.

We keep lessons simple to follow and do not try to change your whole game and give you too much info to unpack.  We have a unique coaching process to show our students of all skill levels measurable improvements. Learn more About Us

Please note: You cannot learn everything in just one lesson; therefore, we recommend a golf Lesson Plan with at least (5) Lessons from which we can create a balanced scheduled plan of golf lessons and practice time that is once a week, twice a month and once a month customized to each person’s goals. Choose from the lesson options below to help you get started.

(1 Junior with Golf Pro) 30-minute lesson on the Range

(5) 30-mins. Range Lessons

(1) 30-mins. Range Lesson

(1 Junior with Golf Pro) 60-minute lesson on the Range

(5) 60-mins. Range Lessons

(1) 60-mins. Range Lesson

(2 Juniors with Golf Pro) 60-minute lesson on the Range

(5) 60-mins. Range Lessons

(1) 60-mins. Range Lesson

Would you like to SCHEDULE your first lesson or have Questions?

Our Toronto golf lessons are scheduled at (Metro Golf Sportsplex) all year round to work on full swing and short game in this 70,000 square feet indoor 110 yards driving range. 

We also offer (for the more experienced golfers), Playing Lessons in groups of up to 3 people and 1 on 1 at the beautiful 9-hole golf course (Markham Green Golf Club) during the golf season.

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Facility Fees 

Facility Fees for Range Balls and Green Fees are not included in lesson pricing as prices fluctuate depending on the high and low season so we have taken them out to save our customers from overpaying. 

When taking a Range Lesson at Metro Golf Sportsplex

You can Pay as You Go or buy a Value Card which can be used any day or time (each one has a total of 2.5hrs of prepaid time slots on the card) to cover the time/unlimited range balls (during the golf lessons) directly from Metro Golf Sportsplex when you arrive. For bigger golf lesson programs we recommend a Membership which can be used to help you practice between golf lessons during the winter/spring and summer/fall months

When taking a Playing Lesson at Markham Green Golf Club

You can Pay as You Go to cover the green fee directly from Markham Green Golf Club when you arrive. 

* Lessons are NON Refundable (all lessons can be rescheduled in the event of an emergency or bad weather).

* Lessons are Transferable if for whatever reason you cannot continue.

* Lessons will expire within one year of purchase.