standard-title Portable Golf Lessons Standalone or Part of an Existing Event

Portable Golf Lessons

Standalone or Part of an Existing Event

How It Works

Portable Golf Lessons can be used for a standalone event or make them part of an existing event to create some fun positive energy for all guests and participants to enjoy and mingle as they learn.

Quick summary details:

  • We supply all the necessary golf equipment (Nets, Mats, Clubs, Safety Golf Balls and Video Analysis Equipment, etc.).
  • Our PGA of Canada coaches are highly trained to handle a small VIP group to a large open public flow.
  • Each participant will receive an in person detailed video analysis on the spot.
  • Each video analysis can be e-mailed to each participant by us or by the event host.
  • Our portable golf lessons can be set-up indoors or outdoors in as little space as 10 x 10.

Award winning PGA of Canada coach Dave Hartmann and his team at Power Lesson have taught thousands of portable golf lessons.


The Benefits You Get

  1. Convenience
    • We can teach virtually anywhere
  2. Hands Off
    • We take care of the venue, menu, and all golf lessons
  3. Branding
    • Your companies name will be advertised on all material providing your guests with a custom experince

The Cost

All Pricing is based on location, hours and number of PGA of Canada coaches required..

How To Get It

Use the contact form located on this page, or call us at 416-720-4787